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Your Reliable Zoning HVAC Company in Gainesville

HVAC zoning is the term used for an HVAC system that cools or heats certain rooms in the house. Air conditioning zoning allows for an even distribution of air to separate rooms, or zones. This provides cooling and heating comfort in the rooms that need it most. Cooling an empty space is a waste of energy and money. Absolute Climate Control in Gainesville, GA is your zoning HVAC service expert. Give us a call to learn more.

With a zoning system, you can set the kitchen zoning to a lower temperature than the bedrooms. Zoning systems can save you up to 30 percent off of your heating and cooling costs.

Why You Should Get a Zoning HVAC system

Unlike conventional HVAC systems, a zoning system offers more control over how warm and cool individual rooms in your home are, making it comfortable for every occupant of the house.

Benefits of a Zoning HVAC System

Zoning HVAC systems make it possible for various people to be comfortable in the home. These systems come with modern perks that you won’t find in a conventional AC system.

Here are a few reasons why zoning HVAC systems are so popular:

  • IMPROVED COMFORT: Imagine being able to control the temperature in each room separately with just one thermostat. Large, multi-level homes tend to have varying temperatures from room to room or floor to floor. Factors such as shading, wind factor, appliances, high ceilings, and cooking can influence the temperature inside the home. Zoning solves these issues. With zoning thermostats that can make changes in each separate room, you will be able to enhance overall comfort. Zoning HVAC systems will also eliminate those pesky cold and hot spots in the house.
  • FUNCTIONAL CONVENIENCE: Zoning HVAC systems bring convenience to contemporary living. You will be able to set the temperature in a single room without having to walk to another part of the house to adjust it. You can choose to have one handy temperature control remote, humidity control, and fan speed, or a wall-mounted thermostat.
  • ENERGY CONSERVATION: A zoning system allows you to set cooler temperatures in less used rooms and warmer temperatures in areas with heavy traffic. By setting low temperatures in lesser-used rooms, you can save you money on utility bills every month.

Zoning HVAC systems offer comfort, convenience, and conservation. That’s why so many homeowners are either installing zoning systems in new construction or retrofitting their existing HVAC systems.
Drawbacks of a Zoning HVAC System

A zoning system is more expensive than a conventional AC system. The duct system is more complicated to set up and converting an existing HVAC system to a zoning system will cost you even more. Zoning systems are harder to troubleshoot and more prone to breakdowns overall.

With a zoning HVAC system, you can accommodate different comfort needs, and conserve energy at the same time.

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