Easy Does It with Marijuana Use

If you are a new cannabis user, and many of our readers are, you might be tempted to jump into the cannabis bandwagon without hesitation. However, this will usually lead to a bad first experience, which in turn can disappoint you to the point where you won’t want to try your marijuana medicine again.

senior smoking marijuanaSo take it easy. Be smart. Going slow when you enter the world of cannabis consumption will make it more likely you will have only a positive experience. This makes the venture not only more enjoyable for you, but you will also be better able to consume the medicine in a positive way and more likely to be beneficial in the long run. Whatever your experience level with marijuana, it is wise to move forward into the relatively unknown equipped with a bit of knowledge. Therefore…

Do Some Research

Before smoking, ingesting or applying any sort of cannabis-infused goods, know what to expect. Find out about the characteristics and contrasts between the different cannabis strains, in particular sativa and indica strains. Being prepared will make a big difference. Know what the physical effects will be once they start to kick in. This way, you won’t be too rattled if you feel odd sensations. Also, remember not to scare yourself. Scaring yourself can make matters worse than they actually are. If you start to feel uncomfortable, just know that it will pass. Don’t work yourself up into a frenzy because this can cause even more anxiety than is necessary.

Test the Waters

Because every body is different, taking the time to understand what to expect will make a big difference in how your experience is. Different people react differently to different forms of consumption and different types of strains. For instance, smoking might affect you differently than eating edibles. Some people report a faster, more potent kick from smoking compared to edibles. A good idea is to have your first experience with marijuana in private, or in the company of one or two close friends.

Ask Away

In every dispensary you will find budtenders. These are the individuals who tend the “cannabis bar” so to speak. Budtenders have a purpose. They are there to answer our questions. And don’t worry about asking dumb questions, they have probably heard them all. A good budtender will ask you if you are looking for a head high or a body high. In plain English they are asking you if you are looking for a strain that will relax your mind or your body, and this will depend on what your physical ailments are. Incidentally, this is something that your medical marijuana doctor should advise you on as well.

Go online and google your questions. Chances are someone else has had the same questions you have. Read up on all things cannabis-related. If you are unable to sit in front of your computer for any length of time to research or read, why not order a good cannabis book? Do you have a Kindle? Download a good book on the topic of cannabis. Remember to read something simple, that is written for the beginner in mind. And you can also check out some videos on YouTube about medical marijuana. We have some videos right here on our website, and more are coming soon.

Change It Up

Smoking joints, blunts or out of a glass pipe are probably the most common ways of getting high, but they’re not the end-all and be-all of cannabis culture. There are a number of ways to consume cannabis that are becoming more popular and accessible. Vaporizing is another way to consume cannabis thanks to a variety of discrete, portable devices popping up everywhere. Of course, there are edibles, tinctures, oils, and even cannabis patches. Ask your budtender at your local dispensary about them. Check out this article on our website for more information about different options for consuming cannabis.

Be Picky

Visit only reputable, trusted dispensaries that provide fresh, quality cannabis. If the medicine doesn’t appear fresh, if there is little to no consistency when it comes to packaging and labeling, if the dispensary staff isn’t forthcoming with helpful information, move on to the next. There are dozens of dispensaries in every legal state to choose from.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s important to be aware of the strains and how much cannabis allows for a satisfying experience. Your focus should be to start small and be patient. If it’s been years since the last time you used cannabis, don’t try to consume too much on the first go-round. Just take a moment to think about what happens in the body when cannabis is consumed. Put your good, common sense to practice. Keep it simple, keep it sensible, and it won’t be hard reap the benefits and enjoy!