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Certified Aging-in-Place Solutions in Calgary

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist Calgary – Home Remodeling | Alberta Indoor Comfort

Call the certified aging-in-place specialists more elderly Canadians trust than any other.

Alberta Indoor Comfort in Calgary, AB is one of the few plumbing companies that specializes in certified aging-in-place (CAPS) solutions for older residents who want to stay in their homes for the remainder of their lives, as opposed to downsizing to a more comfortable place to live.

Aging-in-place (CAPS) describes a situation in a person’s life when they make a deliberate choice to remain in their home as they age. This may require making structural modifications to the home that will facilitate daily chores like bathing, using the toilet, or going up and down the stairs, and adding features that will enhance their comfort and mobility through their golden years. 

Call Alberta Indoor Comfort for certified aging-in-place bathroom design and installations that are ADA-compliant, such as wheelchair accessible bathtubs, showers and toilets, complete with grab bars, handicap-friendly toiletries, and accessories.

Upfront Pricing

No surprises when you work with us – you’ll know the cost of service ahead of time.

Personalised Attention

Your unique needs are taken into account with every service we provide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction matters! If there’s ever an issue, we won’t rest until it’s resolved.

Courteous, Expert Technicians

Our technicians are industry experts with your best interests in mind. 

Read what your neighbours are saying about our ageing-in-place services, then give us a call!

Certified Aging-in-Place Home Remodelers

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to maintain the same routine we once took for granted, such as using the toilet, kitchen, and stairs. However, there are things you can do to make your home safe and comfortable for as long as you live there. Older residents who also use wheelchairs may find it increasingly challenging to reach sinks and enter bathtubs and showers with ease. Similarly, kitchen sinks may need to be lowered, and appliances, faucets, and other features may require also require adjustments.

Aging-in-Place Bathroom Design & Installation

Most accidents that occur inside the home take place in the bathroom. This is particularly true for persons with age-related physical limitations. If you use a wheelchair, entering the tub or shower can be a dangerous task. Alberta Indoor Comfort can provide your home with the modifications it needs to ensure you have full mobility in your bathroom. We’ll adjust your shower, toilet, and sink for maximum accessibility. We will ensure safe and easy entry into your tub and shower, along with grab bars and a raised toilet.

Accessibility services we provide:

  • Accessibility assessment
  • Faucet replacement to accessible
  • Door hardware replacement to Accessible
  • Safeway tub conversion
  • Toilet replacement to accessible
  • Grab bar installation
  • Shower head conversion to accessible
  • Bathroom conversion
  • Kitchen conversion
  • Ramp installation
  • General home adaptation

Call Alberta Indoor Comfort in Calgary, AB at 403-230-2689 for certified aging-in-place services, home design, and modifications, walk-in bathtubs, shower grab bar installation, raised toilets and handles. These services may be covered by the health care system and Medicare.

[Meta: Alberta Indoor Comfort in Calgary offers for aging-in-place and disability plumbing, home design, and modifications, raised toilets with handles and shower grab bar installations. Our services are ADA-compliant and may be covered by the Canadian health care system and Medicare.]


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